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Georges Wassouf Biggest Archive – WassoufDiary is an evolution of all top Wassouf websites that have been around for about 20 years, the gathered content goes back since 2001, all the photos and music available on this site has been submitted by 1000s of fans that have visited the site and contributed to the community through their sharing and giving, it is all about spreading the work of the legend – Wassouf – The Legend That Lives for Ever <3 – Made with Love ❤ by samo

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About Wassouf
Georges Wassouf (Arabic: جورج وسوف‎‎) (born December 23, 1961) is a Syrian singer. In a career spanning almost four decades, he has released more than 30 albums. Wassouf vocal style has been emulated by younger singers such as Massari and Karl Wolf. With a significantly large audience of fans in Syria and abroad, he is one of the most important singers of the Arab world. Read more…

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